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Courtney Crumrin ([personal profile] heart_of_a_witch) wrote2013-05-01 12:59 pm


Gender: Female

Age: 14 (April 13 birthday arbitrarily chosen by player)

Height: 4'7"

Weight: Nowhere near enough.

Appearance: Short platinum-blonde hair swept to one side, piercing dark eyes, and an underfed figure that makes her look a couple years younger than she actually is. Rarely seen without a bat-shaped barrette in her hair, usually wears a striped shirt and stockings under a black jumper with inordinately large buttons. When the weather's cold, she can be found in a peacoat or a military-style girls' jacket.

Personality: Alternates between insecure child and sullen, bitter teenager. She's not always a joy to be around, between her sharp tongue and her indifference to social conventions. She does genuinely care about people, but has a way of pursuing her own interests carelessly and neglecting to fix the damage she leaves in her wake.

Abilities, quirks: Courtney's a witch with an incredibly high power level for her age, but not so much control or skill (she's working on it) or common sense. She has a fascination with non-human things, especially faeries, and an ability to accept them at face value. Even the horrible, baby-eating sort. Her curiosity, sense of mischief, and compulsion to go it alone get her into trouble on a regular basis, and she tends to leave a trail of psychological devastation wherever she goes.