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Goodnight Demon Slayer --Voltaire

Up to the Roof --Tracy Bonham and Blue Man Group

How --Cranberries

Touch me Fall --Indigo Girls

Chicken Man --Indigo Girls
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Courtney is a witch. Usually she keeps her uses of her power non-invasive, if only to avoid discovery. The exceptions are as follows:

1) Courtney has significant knowledge of the supernatural and can frequently tell if someone is not human. May she do this with your character?

2) Occasionally, in moments of irresponsibility or duress, she may seek to cast a minor hex or mind control. Would your character be likely to be susceptible to this, and if so, do I have OOC permission to let Courtney do this?
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[Player information]
Player Name: Bridgie
Age: 33
E-mail: BridgieRey@verizon.net
Other characters played at Cape Kore: Balthazar

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Anything Else? Although Courtney’s been aged up to 16, I’m using the original artwork from the comics for her, where she’s around 13-14. I’ve picked the most recent issues and the clips where she looks the most mature. She looks a little young for her age in canon, as well. Hopefully this won’t make anyone uncomfortable; I don’t really intend for her to get into sexual situations, but violence and horror are par for the course for her.
Courtney’s parents are never named in the books, but for ease of play I call them Darryl and Karen.


May. 1st, 2013 12:59 pm
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Gender: Female

Age: 14 (April 13 birthday arbitrarily chosen by player)

Height: 4'7"

Weight: Nowhere near enough.

Appearance: Short platinum-blonde hair swept to one side, piercing dark eyes, and an underfed figure that makes her look a couple years younger than she actually is. Rarely seen without a bat-shaped barrette in her hair, usually wears a striped shirt and stockings under a black jumper with inordinately large buttons. When the weather's cold, she can be found in a peacoat or a military-style girls' jacket.

Personality: Alternates between insecure child and sullen, bitter teenager. She's not always a joy to be around, between her sharp tongue and her indifference to social conventions. She does genuinely care about people, but has a way of pursuing her own interests carelessly and neglecting to fix the damage she leaves in her wake.

Abilities, quirks: Courtney's a witch with an incredibly high power level for her age, but not so much control or skill (she's working on it) or common sense. She has a fascination with non-human things, especially faeries, and an ability to accept them at face value. Even the horrible, baby-eating sort. Her curiosity, sense of mischief, and compulsion to go it alone get her into trouble on a regular basis, and she tends to leave a trail of psychological devastation wherever she goes.


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