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Courtney is a witch. Usually she keeps her uses of her power non-invasive, if only to avoid discovery. The exceptions are as follows:

1) Courtney has significant knowledge of the supernatural and can frequently tell if someone is not human. May she do this with your character?

2) Occasionally, in moments of irresponsibility or duress, she may seek to cast a minor hex or mind control. Would your character be likely to be susceptible to this, and if so, do I have OOC permission to let Courtney do this?
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1) Fortescue is entirely human, with the exception of that odd soul issue. Courtney's welcome to sense that her soul is in Jazz, if she can.

2) Yes and yes. Mind control is hideously taboo where Fortescue comes from, and people in her position are given special training to deal with it and dream infiltration. But the training is mostly to handle not giving away any huge secrets, rather than outright resisting.